1) In order to expedite the analysis of your complaint, please tell which of the items of Article 5 of Law 12.846/2015 or of foreign legislation has (have) been violated, according to your interpretation:

  1. I - promise, offer, give or guarantee, directly or indirectly, any improper advantage to a public official or to a third person related to him;
  2. II - finance, support, sponsor or in anyway subsidize the practice of illegal acts;
  3. III - use of a person as a stooge (straw-man) or a company/entity (front or fictitious company) to conceal or disguise one’s real benefits or the identity of the real beneficiaries of the acts carried out;
  4. IV - bids and contracts (Brazilian Law 8.666/1993):
  5. V - hinder the investigative or inspection activities of supervisory public entities or officials, or anyhow obstruct their procedures;
  6. VI - affect or influence any act or decision;
  7. VII - induce to do or to omit to do any act, in violation of one’s lawful duty;
  8. VIII - obtain, retain or conduct businesses improperly.