The objective of this channel is to receive complaints about violations committed by companies or entities, in relation:

  • to the Brazilian Law 12.846/2013 (regulated by Decree 8.420/2015), which provides for administrative and civil liability of companies or entities for the commission of acts against national or foreign governments;
  • to the American Law about foreign corrupt practices acts (FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act);
  • to the British Law about bribery acts (UK Bribery Act); and
  • to other foreign legislation on preventing and combating corruption.

You should use this channel to register complaints involving Banco do Brasil or its Affiliates (Banco do Brasil Conglomerate), either in Brazil or abroad.

To ensure confidentiality, independence, impartiality and neutrality in the analysis of the complaints received, the messages will be delivered to Institutional Security Division, which reports directly to the President of Banco do Brasil.

The complaint may be either ​​anonymous or by identified complainant. Confidential treatment of information and the protection of the identity of an identified complainant will be assured.

To register your complaint, please click here.